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MPE Engineering and The County of Newell - County of Newell Water Project

March 10, 2013

An effort to unify and modernize the water system of a county in southern Alberta is proceeding on schedule and on budget.

MPE Engineering Ltd. is leading the effort to build a potable water supply system for the County of Newell. The system, centered on the city of Brooks, replaces six aging water treatment facilities and extends into several rural areas, Project Manager Mike Coles says.

The first phase of the project involved the construction of a $20 million water treatment plant replacement in Brooks. The plant was completed in 2011. Raw water is pumped to the plant from The Eastern Irrigation District’s nearby lake; before arriving there, it is diverted from the Bow River at a dam near the adjacent Town of Bassano.

The second phase of the project involved the installation of larger PVC regional lines to Bassano as well as the surrounding Villages of Duchess, Rosemary and Tilley, and the rural Hamlets of Gem, Patricia, Rainier, Scandia and Rolling Hills at a cost of $30 million.

Once arriving at the new plant, water flows through a membrane filtration system and is treated with chlorine and powdered activated carbon to remove pathogens and impurities. Ammonia also is used in the disinfection process, according to the Newell Regional Services Corp., which owns and administers the plant.

With the plant now operating, construction efforts are focused on the installation of 1,200 kilometers of high-density polyethylene pipe to transport water from the new plant and regional lines to farmers, ranchers, acreage and business owners in the County of Newell.

The project, funded by the province of Alberta’s “Water For Life” program as well as local and federal funds, will provide a high-quality water supply to more than 1,800 households. Many of those residents live in rural areas served by well systems or cisterns. “A reliable potable water source is key for any future development and growth in the County of Newell,” Coles says.

Read more at: http://www.energyandinfrastructure.com/index.php/sections/profiles1/483-mpe-engineering-and-the-county-of-newell-county-of-newell-water-project

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