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MPE understands that a comprehensive benefits package is important to attract and retain qualified individuals, as well as to remain competitive within the industry. Our company’s total compensation package allows us to recognize and reward our employees for their contributions.

MPE’s total compensation package includes the following:

Competitive Base Salary
MPE provides a base pay structure that reflects the value we place on a particular position, taking into consideration responsibilities, level of accountability, duties, skills, education and expertise, and location.

Overtime Pay Compensation
MPE provides overtime compensation (or time off taken in lieu) for certain levels of employment designation.

Profit Sharing
We believe every employee contributes to profit. Therefore, MPE provides a generous profit-sharing incentive program that rewards individual, team, and company success. Employees who have worked a full year are eligible to receive profit sharing.

Retirement Savings Option
MPE matches employee contributions, based on a percentage of monthly salary. The RRSP is selected by the employee based on a number of options.

Annual Inflationary Salary Increases:
MPE provides an annual salary increase based upon each office location’s inflation percentage of that particular year.

Annual Merit Salary Increases:
MPE provides, upon their discretion, an annual merit salary increase to employees, taking into account each individual’s personal contributions and accomplishments.

Comprehensive Health Benefits Plan
MPE provides a comprehensive benefits plan and is available for all permanent staff. This coverage includes supplementary medical and dental plan, sick leave, short and long term disability insurance as well as employee, spouse and children’s life insurance.

Vacation Allowance
Vacation allowance varies between 3 and 6 weeks depending upon seniority.

Fitness Allowance:
MPE contributes up to a maximum of $250 per year for memberships that involve physical fitness.

Statutory and Other Holidays:
MPE recognizes the 11 statutory holidays in the Province of Alberta as well as designating December 24th as a Company paid holiday to our employees.

Flexible Work Hours:
MPE recognizes the need for our employees to be creative and productive, and that this sometimes requires a flexible work environment. To this end, we support flexible working hours with various start times in the morning to accommodate personal preferences and circumstances.

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